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Data Entry Services

The growth of your business depends on your customers and data helps you understand their needs. Despite being an integral tool that aids business decisions, it is imperative to keep a track of your data. Now, this process is time-consuming and could lead to additional costs. Data processing needs to be accurate and any delay in this process may hamper your revenue and business growth. A2Ze-Data Services provides data entry services such as offline data entry, online data entry, invoicing and billing data entry, manual copy paste of data, application form filling. We aim to provide timely and accurate delivery of work that can help your business to achieve increased customer retention, customer loyalty, growth and long-term revenue benefits.

Data Mining Services

We help organizations collect and analyze data from a wide range of sources and utilize it for crafting compelling strategies to achieve business success. Our data mining services provide incisive insights about existing market trends, future opportunities, industry landscape and competitor monitoring amongst others to help organizations gain a distinct edge in the marketplace. We use a combination of predictive and descriptive data mining techniques to derive incisive insights from our client’s large databases. Our team of professionals use high end techniques like classification, regression, clustering, and association to process large volumes of data and deliver valuable insights for our clients. All our data agents are equipped to pull out data from various formats like CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, Scanned Images and PDF documents. To ensure the reliability of facts and figures, we use leading data mining tools and platforms to validate our results before final submission of our recommendation to clients.

Data Digitization Services

A2Ze-data services helps organizations convert their data stored in physical file formats to digital formats in an efficient and economical manner. We have helped several global corporations and mid-sized companies retrieve valuable historical information stored in physical formats by digitizing their store records and files. We have the expertise to convert all kinds of physical documents – files, images, cards, magazines, product catalogues, financial sheets, employee databases and many more into easy to use digital formats such as text, html, xml, pdf, doc, xls, gif, jpeg or tiff based on client’s business requirements. We help organizations convert their large volumes of data into required file formats with our proven methodologies to complete the process on time, in a cost-effective manner. Outsourcing data digitization services to us helps organizations gain access to a highly competent team of professionals at lower costs compared to in-house teams.

Data Conversion Services

A2Ze-data services helps organizations convert and consolidate large volumes of data spread across multiple file formats into requisite digital or hard copy formats based on client business requirements. Our services help organizations put their data to meaningful use by amalgamating them from various sources into an easy to use format for various stakeholders. Using our services have benefitted several large and mid-sized organizations draw valuable insights from their diverse data sets stored in more than hundreds of file formats in physical and digital form. Data conversion also includes digitizing old files and records from scanned documents into newer file formats or converting existing documents into secure PDF files formats for limited circulation. It is also used extensively by survey companies to convert hard copies of survey questionnaires into digital file formats or input them into a software application. We use a combination of technology and human skill to ensure high efficacy and faster turnaround time for client tasks. All our data conversion processes are highly secure, ensuring high protection of our customer’s data.