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Customer Experience Solutions

Lead Generation Services

A2Ze-Data Services provides highly effective B2B and B2C lead generation services to clients across a wide range of industries. Our lead generation services provide our clients with access to high intent customers that drive sales and maximize business growth. We pride on our focus of quality over quantity for our lead generation services. We have various lead generation methodologies to generate interest about the product and services of our clients and generate high quality leads, ensuring maximum return on investments for our client’s varied lead generation campaigns. We use our expertise in call center services, digital marketing and IT solutions to convince prospects about your products and services and encourage them to make a purchase or sign-up for annual subscription plans. With the A2Ze-Data Services lead generation services, customers have gained access to high value leads that have led to sales closure of millions dollar deals for several of our customers.

Customer Support Services

A2Ze-Data Services offers 24×7 customer support services via phone, IVR, chat, email, text SMS, instant messenger apps, mobile apps and other online tools. Our customer support services help our clients offer a seamless experience to their end customers, ensuring repeat business and high customer loyalty. This in turn, results in higher sales and profitable business growth. As a leading contact center, A2Ze-Data Services understands the challenges of managing customer expectations in current times. We have developed a multi-channel customer support services framework for our clients that can help them offer a seamless experience to their end customers that includes both online and offline platforms. We have the technologies and tools to track and resolve customer queries, round-the-clock across various platforms and offer meaningful resolutions through Phone support, IVR Support, Email Support, Text SMS Support and Chat Support.

Appointment Setting Services

A2Ze-Data Services appointment setting services assist organizations in scheduling meetings with decision makers using a wide range of digital tools. Our appointment setting services can help your sales teams to focus on core deliverables like sales pitching and sales closure while we set-up personalized meetings for them with prospects using cold calling and other techniques.Engaging your sales teams in making hundreds of cold calls to set up meetings will result in significant loss of man-hours with little or no tangible result. As such, it is ideal for organization to outsource their appointment setting services to a third party like A2Ze-Data Services. It will help your internal sales teams focus on sales closures rather than setting up appointments. It will also help you get a higher number of face-to-face interactions in a shorter time frame. If your business is losing out on big deals or higher sales conversions due to inability to connect with the right decision makers, connect with us today. We will help set up personal meetings for your sales teams members with the right decision makers, with our proven appointment setting services.

Telesales & Telemarketing

A2Ze-Data Services offers high impact telemarketing & telesales services that can help organizations promote or sell their products and services to prospective customers over a call. We have helped several leading B2B and B2C brands achieve significant growth using our telemarketing and telesales services. Our services are ideally suited for ecommerce companies, banking and financial institutions, telecom firms, mobile manufacturers, airlines, hotels, IT and ITES firms amongst several others. We help businesses in their efforts to create the right database or use an existing client database to cross-sell and up-sell their new products or services. Our services use dedicated phone numbers for each individual brand to create individual brand identity for each of our customer brands.

Survey Services

A2Ze-Data Services provides end-to-end customer survey services that can help organizations gain access to insightful data about their existing and prospective customers. Our customer survey services encompass the entire survey process chain, from background research to survey framework design, hypothesis development, survey set-up, data collection, analysis and reporting. We use statistical models to analyze the survey data and finalize the survey report which help with insights to our clients. To ensure that insights generated from existing customers are reliable and without any bias, organizations should partner a third party customer survey services provider like A2Ze-Data Services to conduct their periodic customer surveys. We conduct surveys through telephone, email, online portal and SMS.

Helpdesk Outsourcing Services

Our helpdesk outsourcing services help organizations free up their internal teams to focus on strategic business tasks rather than attending calls from multiple stakeholders. We are a preferred helpdesk partner for leading companies in ecommerce, telecom, retail, banking & non-banking financial institutions, IT & ITES, airlines, hospitality amongst others. Our helpdesk answering services are multi-lingual and available 24 x 7, 365 days a year to help our clients deliver a superior customer experience to their end customers. We provide helpdesk services via helpdesk on call, IVR helpdesk, email helpdesk and chat helpdesk. To ensure relay of accurate information on the helpdesk about our client products and services, we also train our agents on client products and services continuously and monitor their performance on calls. Our team of quality analysts aided by high-tech call center software ensure that all client agreed SLAs are met successfully.